About us

Name4D Sensor Inc
Wakayama office1st Floor, Noritsu Precision Building, Umehara 579-1 , Wakayama City, Wakayama Prefecture, Japan, Postal code 640-8550
Tokyo office1st Floor, Center of Garage, 1-16-3, Yokokawa, Sumida Ward, Tokyo, Japan, Postal code 130-0003
CapitalCapital ¥99,990,000
Capital Researve ¥114,372,480
Shareholders Real Tech Fund
Kiyo Lease Capital
Tokyo Mitsubishi UFJ Capital
JR West Innovations



Yoshiharu Morimoto
Founder & CEO
Over 30 years of experience in Komatsu Inc, Osaka Univesity, Wakayama University. Former Vice President and Emeritus professor of Wakayama Univesity.Keynote speakers in international conference. Minister of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology Award.


Akihiro Masaya (Founder & COO)
Worked for Hitachi Car Engineering Inc. Former Associate professor in Wakayama University. Doctor of Engineering.

Founder & CFO

Yasutaka Irino(Founder & CFO)
Studied in Tokyo University(Law) and transferred and graduated University of British(Political Science). Worked for Oracle Inc, and consulting firms.


Bunji Murogo (Auditor)
Graducated Hosei University(Engineering). Worked for securities companies and HikariTsushin venture capital and SBI Investment Inc. Working as managing director at
Euglena Investment and Real Tech Fund.

Ian Harker
Graduated DePaul University (Computer Science and Degital Media). Fluent in Japanese and English. Programming (C++, C#, Javascript, CSS, HTML, LAMP, VOIP), Software(Oculus Rift, AutoCAD), Robot (Epson,Yaskawa,Fanuc)


Lion Persig
Graducated University of Hawaii at Maloa(Math major). Studied in National Dong Hwa University in Taiwan. Fluent in Japanese, Mandarin Chinese, and English. Programming (C#, C, VBA, SQL, VHDL), Software(Labview, Creo)


Masaki Ueki
Graduated Osaka Electro-Communication University. Former intern and now an employee engineer for 4D Sensor Inc.


Keiko Sato
Graducated from Meiji Gakuin University(Economics and Business Management major). Experiences in accounting for several startups.
Nissho Bookkeeping Test Level 2. U.S. CPA.


Sasa Seles
Graducated from Polytechnic of Zagreb(Bachelor of Science, Master of Information
Technologies).Programming(C#,.NET,Xamarin,ReactJS,AngularJS,SQL,VHDL), Robot(Epson,Fanuc)

nuka (1)

Ayaka Nuka
Graduated from Wakayama Kasada Highschool. Worked for USEN Inc. Calculator Practical Exam Level 1. Information Processing Exam Level 1. Commercial Economics Exam Level 1. Word Processor Practice Exam Level 1. Business Bookkeeping Exam Level 2.


Amine Frioua
Graduated University of CARTHAGE(Engineering Degree in Advanced Technology). 6 months internship in Germany. Fluent in English, French, Arabic. Programming(C#,C++,Java,Python,VHDL), Software(MATLAB,Catia,Arduino,Ladder,Xilinx)


Ghada Ben Miled
Graduated University of CARTHAGE(Engineering Degree in Advanced Technology). 6 months internship in Germany. Worked as a fucntional consultant for accounting systems. Fluent in English, French, Spanish, Arabic. Programming(C#, C++,VBA,SQL,VHDL), Software(Catia,Creo,Matlab,Labview), Robot(Epson, Fanuc)


Mona Yadi
Graducated Bonab University(B.Sc. in Optic and Laser Engineering). Graduated Shahid Beheshti University(M.Sc. in Photonics Engineering). Worked for a university startup. Fluent in English and Persian.Programming(C#,C++,Python), Photonics(
Laser spectrometer,Quantum photonics)